Limassol Port Workers on Indefinite Strike

Port workers in Limassol started an indefinite strike on Monday, March 21st  in a bid to heap pressure on parliament not to open up talks on privatizing the ports.

The Limassol port is now officially closed. Around 40 port employees, including maritime pilots, mechanics, and tugboat captains, stand ready to defend their rights against what they describe as “mockery on the part of officials” and accuse the government of “selling out” in its efforts to privatize the Cyprus Port Authority.

Unions have called on members of parliament to strike down the proposed legislation, warning that the outcome of privatization could bring unpleasant developments in and around ports

Communications Minister Marios Demetriades has outlined the economic aspect of the agreement to privatize three of the port’s services as well the business plans for the contractors, which would require the investor to improve operations and customer service as well as bring in new vessels.

Union representatives believe that the new regulations are not in their favor, arguing that the offer to commercialize services is “degrading”, according to daily Phileleftheros.

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