LDz and Riga Port not feeling any effects from sanctions yet

As Baltic Course reports, neither Latvijas Dzelzcels (Latvian Rail, LDz) nor the Freeport of Riga are feeling any effects from the sanctions  by the United States and the European Union on Russian and are working as usual. Representatives from both companies told the business information portal Nozare.lv that it cannot influence decisions made outside of Latvia, thus commenting political and economic sanctions are not in the port’s competence. The port points out that it continues to work as usual, and will continue to follow along the Latvian government and the EU’s plans in regard to Russia.

Meanwhile, LDz points out that the transit business is geopolitical, and any instability in the region could influence the transit sector. ”Taking into account all the possible risks to the flow of cargo shipment, be will carefully follow along the development of events and are evaluating our own activities.”

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