Latvian railways investing in the infrastructure

The RZD-Partner reports, that Latvian Railways (Latvijas Dzelzceļs, LDz) are planning to complete four large infrastructural projects in 2012 with the total investment budget of 267.97 million USD.
LDZ will refurbish the Shkirotava marshalling yard, modernize the Bolderaya 1 – Zasulauks link, build the Bolderaya 2 station and extend the East – West route by building a second track in between Skriveri and Skrutpils .

LDZ is the main link among the Latvian Ports of Ventspils, Riga and Liepaja, and the final points of freight reception — dispatch to CIS countries and other continental regions.

Infrastructure development has always been a priority for Latvian Railways.  The projects of 2012 as well as the previous project are mainly aimed to increase the capacity of the East-West corridor.

The improvement of the infrastructure will allow for a faster turnover as well as increasing traffic speed.

All of the projects are to be co-financed by the EU at up to 75% of the project amount.