Latvian Ports paralyzed due to a railway accident

According to our partner Maxx Intermodal Systems , the railway accident that happened on the 8th of January has paralyzed all inner and outer movement through Latvian ports.

LETA reports that around 360 tons of oil products and solvent were spilled on the Kraslava-Daugavpils railroad section during the freight train accident in Naujene County, Daugavpils Region (eastern Latvia).  A protective dam has been erected to contain the spill, limiting the area to around 4,000 square meters. The freight train ran off the tracks in Naujene County, and as a result, 16 tank cars overturned and three of them ruptured. The train was en route from Belarus to Ventspils. No one was injured.

Please be advised that over 150 block trains are waiting in line and cannot reach Riga.

We will inform further details.