Importer Security Filing 5 Data Element Requirements for FROB, T&E, and IE Cargo

Under U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Importer Security Filing (ISF) requirement goods shipped to, or through the United States will require an ISF filing 24 hours prior to vessel’s loading. Currently an informed compliance period is still in effect; however, ISF requirements become mandatory on January 26, 2010.

For cargo destined to the United States US Customs will require 10 data elements known as the ISF-10, and for cargo passing through the US in the form of Freight Remaining on Board (FROB) or cargo intended to move through the US under a Transportation & Exportation (T&E) or Immediate Exportation (IE) bond, 5 data elements will be required prior to vessel load, known as ISF-5.

For ISF-5 the ocean carrier is responsible for FROB and the party responsible for creating the TE or IE will need to file these 5 data elements prior to vessel load:

  • Booking Party
  • Foreign Port of Unlading
  • Place of Delivery
  • Ship to Party
  • Harmonized Schedule Commodity Code (6 digit level) per item

This information must be collected at the time of booking in order to submit to either the carrier directly for FROB cargo, or to CBP for any T&E and IE cargo where Expeditors may be preparing the in-bond documents. Currently an informed compliance period is still in effect, however this requirement will become mandatory starting January 26, 2010.

The ISF-5 requirements are based on CBP information available today. Please
contact your local Expeditors representative for more information.

In addition, information on ISF-5 can be found on the CBP website at: