Implementation of Montreal Low Water Surcharge ffective July 15th

Please note that as a result of low water levels in the St. Lawrence River, effective July 15th 2016 the majority of ocean carriers will be implementing a low water surcharge (LWS).  The surcharge varies from carrier to carrier.

Charges per carrier as following:

MSC : 100$/20’ and 150$/40’ per July 15. (please note MSC works with B/L date)

MAERSK : 150$/20’ and 150$/40’ and 45’ per July 15. (gate in)

 OOCL : 100$/20’ and 150$/40’ and 45’ per July 15. (gate in)

CMA : 150$/20’ and 175$/40’ per July 15. (b/l date)

RCL Agencies  will inform you when the water-level is good again and carriers will no longer invoice this surcharge.

Please be guided accordingly.