ILA Negotian Update: US Port Congestion Surcharge

As earlier reported, there was a breakdown in talks between the ILA and USMX and more recently all 700 members of Local 1804-1 in Newark voted to provide “the authority to recommend and call for a strike if that action becomes necessary”.

The current contract is set to expire on September 30th and we are all preparing for the potential of work slowdowns and or a full strike.

Currently we expect any work disruptions to be focused on, but not limited to, the larger ports on the east coast and gulf; New York, Baltimore, Savannah and Houston.

In preparation for these disruptions, most carriers have announced a port congestion surcharge of $800/20 and $1000/40 for any cargo moving via US ports on import or export trade lanes.

As always, our goal is to assist in your efforts of continuing business during these challenging times.  Please contact your RCL representative if you have any questions