ILA Members Ratify New Six-Year Master Contract

The International Longshoreman’s Association’s 14,500 members have overwhelmingly approved the new 6-year contract  for East and Gulf coast dockworkers in a coast-wide referendum on April 9th.

ILA President Harold Daggett declared that they all “worked very hard, achieved landmark improvements and protected our members and our union for many years.”

As Journal of Commerce reports, an unofficial tally showed that ILA members in the Port of New York and New Jersey approved the coast-wide master contract by more than 4-to-1 and a supplemental local agreement by more than 3-to-1.

Other ports also reported lopsided majorities for ratification. Locals in the ILA’s South Atlantic and Gulf district voted nearly 95 percent in favor of the coast-wide pact. The contract was approved by healthy margins at every port from Boston to Houston.

ILA members got significant gains in the Master Contract  six-year agreement, including wage increases totaling $3 an hour spread out over the life of the agreement that will, by the final year of the new contract, bring their hourly rate of pay to $35.00 an hour. Lower tiered workers will enjoy an even higher wage percentage increase as their pay progression scale was shortened to six years from nine years in the new agreement. Thus, a new ILA member earning a base pay of $20.00 an hour at the start of the 6-year contract will increase to $35.00 an hour by the end of the sixth year of the contract.

The United States Maritime Alliance’s (USMX) members will vote to ratify the Master Contract on April 17. This will conclude more than a year of negotiations.

More details can be found on the ILA official portal