ILA Contract Update

As the Baltimore Sun reports, this week  the International Longshoremen’s Association Local 333 members rejected the proposed contractl  but did not vote to strike.

As we reported earlier, in October longshoremen agreed to a 90 day cooling off period that ended their strike. Cargo handled at the Dundalk and Seagirt terminals are included in a National contract that covers ports from Maine to Texas.

Richard Scher of the Port Administration said that cargo is being worked today, but there has been some shipping diverted.

There are unresolved issues as the 90 day cooling off period ordered by a federal labor arbitrator has ended.ILA local 333 officials have offered assurances there will be no strike. But shippers already have begun diverting cargo from the port of Baltimore because of uncertainty about the ongoing labor contract standoff with the largest dockworkers union.

Rignt now, it is unclear how the two parties would reach a final agreement.

McKenzie, Local 333’s president, said his members discussed changes made to the contract Wednesday by the Steamship Trade Association without the input of the union’s leadership.

He said he recommended a 30-day extension to the cooling-off period at Thursday night’s meeting so union negotiators can return to the bargaining table to discuss the changes.

RCL Agencies will continue to monitor the situation and report further updates once available.