Honor and what it means

Honor……….What does this mean? What does this mean to you? What does this mean to me?

Doing the right thing for no other reason than, it’s the right thing to do. No one is looking, no one is listening, you are in the dark and can do whatever you wish, however, you choose the correct path, the high road, the road your mother would be proud of if she was watching…..you know, we know, I know.

So why? Because why? Because we hold ourselves up to a standard. We are not followers, not sheep following one  another off a cliff. We lead, we lead by example, we teach our children, we teach others children so that the world is a better place. We think, we analyze, we compute, we decide, we act!

Honor..it separates us from the pack. It has value. It has presence. It is excellence in all things we do.