Global Postal Companies End Private Deliveries to Russia

According to RIA Novosti, international express delivery companies including DHL and FedEx announced they would stop shipping goods to Russia because of new customs clearance rules. The Association of Express Carriers, which comprises Russian and international delivery companies like DHL, Pony Express, TNT, FedEx, UPS and others, said in a statement last week that its members were being forced to halt deliveries for private individuals as a result of new stricter customs requirements for goods crossing the Russian border that have led to delays in delivery.

“DHL Express has decided to completely stop deliveries to Russia of all goods for personal use starting from January 27, 2014,” declared the company’s vice president of operations in Russia, Yury Shevchenko. A representative of FedEx’s customer services department also confirmed the changes, advising that starting from January 21, FedEx is forbidden to bring in cargo for individuals and  only documents are allowed.

UPS said it is continuing shipments to Russia. But a spokesperson for the Atlanta-based shipper said UPS “will continue to evaluate and monitor the situation.”

According to DHL Express, part of Deutsche Post (DPWGn.DE), Russian authorities from January 2014 expanded the list of documents required to ship goods to individual customers, which has significantly slowed customs clearance. Extra documents are now required for Russians to receive parcels from abroad, including passport details.

RCL Agencies will continue to monitor the situation. Please  contact us if you have any questions regarding  shipping to Russia/CIS.