Database of Container Tare Weights to Help Shippers Meet SOLAS Rule

The Bureau International des Containers (BIC), which is a France-based international non-profit organization,  has created a database containing the tare weights of containers globally in order to help shippers comply with the upcoming SOLAS amendment, which is due to come into force on July 1, 2016.

The Journal of Commerce reports the database will enable shippers, forwarders and others to search for a container’s weight using its identification number.

While some shipping lines are providing tare weights, the BIC project offers the prospect of the first single, comprehensive source for container tare weights. The tare weight of containers can be used to calculate the verified gross method, known as Method 2 under the International Maritime Organization rule.

The database, called the Technical Characteristics Database, should be ready in about 10 days, said Bertrand Geoffray, secretary general of the BIC.

The database will be free for the first year, but that will later be evaluated, adding that the database will always be a nonprofit, non-commercial venture, BIC said.

If you have any questions regarding the SOLAS regulations, please contact  RCL Agencies at 973-779-5900.