In the event of damage or loss to your goods the following procedures should be compiled:

You have to submit a written claim to the Carriers, Shipping lines, Port Authorities for any missing or damaged goods within three days of receipt of your cargo. The following documentation should be submitted while filing a claim:

a)       A copy of the bill of lading

b)       Confirmation on payment of the freight bill

c)       Proof of the value of the commodities lost or damaged, as well as the commercial invoice for the cargo shipped

d)       Inspection / Survey reports which may have taken place

e)       Copies of request for inspection

f)        Copy of the Intent to claim & notification of loss

g)       Waiver of inspection by carrier

h)       Confirmation of the container # & seal #. The seal should be held at the site of where the cargo was unloaded

i)       Special documents when appropriate, such as

  • Photographs
  • Temperature reports
  • Impact records
  • Condemnation certificates
  • Dumping certificates
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Quality control reports
  • Package certifications
  • Loading diagrams
  • Weight certificates
  • Affidavits
  • Carrier’s passing reports
  • Loading and unloading tallies

After a claim is submitted with the proper documentation and is acknowledged by the carrier it should be settled within 30 days.

Investigating some claims may take longer. If your claim cannot be settled within 120 days, the carrier will notify you immediately about what you need to do to conclude your claim. The carrier will continue to keep you informed at 60-day intervals until your claim is settled.

If you purchased cargo insurance for your shipment through us, we are happy to assist you in filing your insurance claim. You must still file with the carrier, as required by law.