Export Customs Declaration for Customs Clearance in Uzbekistan

Please be advised that according to a Resolution from the President of Uzbekistan, as from 01.04.13, all importers must provide export customs declaration to Uzbekistan customs in order to confirm the actual cargo value.
The President’s resolution on further improving the competitiveness of domestic products and stepping up the fight against illegal imports of goods (dated 29 January 2013) sets new barriers for importers.The resolution orders corresponding government agencies to draft a list of imported essential goods within a month and make proposals to “sharply cut this list and volumes of imports” by March.It requires all importers or transit operators to submit all information about transported goods, including their codes according to a harmonized system of description and coding for goods, from 1 April.From 1 July 2013, imported foodstuffs, items of hygiene and other consumer goods should have description in Uzbek provided by manufacturers.

Please be guided accordingly!