Explosion at port of Santos causes delays

Shippers using the port of Santos again dealing  with delays after an explosion last Thursday that closed the largest Brazil’s port according to the information provided by Journal of Commerce.

The company owners said the containers in Santos were full of acid and a disinfectant which came into contact with rainwater, causing a reaction.

The explosion occurred at 3 p.m. at the Vale Fertilizantes 2 industrial plant in Cubatao and closed the port until 7:30 p.m., when Santos and Sao Paulo firefighters got the blaze and toxic fumes under control. The facility’s location adjacent to the main Anchieta and Immigrantes Highways and the smaller BR 101 that connects Sao Paulo to the port of Santos led to highway closures that spawned congestion.

The plant is owned and operated by Vale, which also operates Log-In, Brazil’s last remaining container carrier. Police and environmental officials are investigating the explosion and Vale will likely face heavy fines.

This  is  the third time when the port of Santos got closed in the last three years.

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