EU ports Sign LNG Joint Venture

According to a port of Rotterdam Authority press release, the port authorities of Antwerp, Mannheim, Rotterdam, Strasbourg and Switzerland signed a joint venture for the introduction of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas). This involves cooperation in the areas of research, promotion, knowledge transfer, legislation and bunker infrastructure.

It follows the LNG Master Plan of the Rhine-Main-Danube corridor in which all parties are involved. The aim of the plan is to put LNG to full scale use as a fuel for inland shipping in the area.

To support the construction of the required LNG infrastructure in the region, the European Union is providing a €40m subsidy.

The port of Rotterdam already has a terminal dedicated to the storage and handling of LNG. The Rotterdam Port Authority says this co-operation agreement ties in with its aim to see the market for LNG as a fuel develop to its full potential, and to open an LNG hub in Rotterdam by the end of 2015.

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