Modern marine equipment rules for safer ships are adoped by EU

According to the official press release, the European Parliament has adopted the Commission’s proposed new Directive on marine equipment.
Better rules on marine equipment in the EU will result in safer journeys for the ships and their crew, less red tape for Member States, reduced costs for business, and increased competitiveness of the EU industry.

The law that has been adopted contains three main innovations. First, the possibility to introduce an electronic tag or electronic wheel mark. Secondly, administrative simplification: a simpler system for the transposition of International Maritime Organisation (IMO) requirements into EU law will decrease the administrative burden on Member States. Furthermore, clear and harmonised rules across the EU will strengthen the competitiveness of Europe’s industry. And lastly, the new directive addresses the problems encountered in the current Directive, which dates from 1996, such as weak market surveillance, as well as obligations for manufacturers, importers and distributors.

Source: Europa