EManifest Needed for US Truckers Heading to Canada

Starting from January 11th, carriers who are not compliant with the new eManifest rules that require northbound freight information to arrive at the Canada-U.S. border at least one hour before the freight itself arrives, will be subject to financial penalties or even can be rejected.

According to the Canada Border Services Agency, even carriers who voluntarily return to the U.S. may still be subject to penalties. The agency says a voluntary compliance period remains in effect for freight forwarders.

According to the CBSA website, the agency may issue penalties for:

  • failing to provide advance information;
  • failing to provide advance information in the prescribed time or in the prescribed manner;
  • failing to correct advance information;
  • failing to provide true/accurate/complete information; and/or
  • failing to comply with an electronic customs Risk Assessment notice.

Highway carriers hauling into Canada are now required to transmit their cargo and conveyance data to authorities at least an hour prior to arrival at the border or eventually risk delays, financial penalties, or denial of entry. The Canadian border initiative known as eManifest is similar to what Canadians must use when they haul into the U.S.

The data cannot be submitted via phone or fax. Rather it is sent through a secure website that requires motor carriers to obtain a special code to log in.

Highway carriers will need to obtain a carrier code issued by Canada Border Services Agency to accompany their transmissions. Data transmissions to the agency are done electronically through various options including a secure online eManifest portal.

More information about the  eManifest can be found at Canada Border Services Agency at cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/prog/manif/menu-eng.html.

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