Delays at Port of New York

The Journal of Commerce reports that  New York-New Jersey container terminals have been experiencing long truck queues as the terminals struggle with ice, congestion and delays that truckers say are causing cargo to be routed to other ports.

The most severe congestion last week was at Maher Terminals. The queues outside the terminal gates extended more than two miles from APMT, and about a mile and a half from PNCT. Here is a video that shows the line of the trucks outside the terminal. 

A group representing the nation’s retailers is urging officials with the Port of New York and New Jersey to do something about increasing delays at its terminals. The disruptions that have been taking place at the port have had damaging consequences on the delivery of retailers’ goods.

Straddle carriers and other terminal equipment have been slowed by black ice, and many truck drivers have had to stop to have snow removed from roofs of containers, further delaying work.

Chassis shortages at some terminals have contributed to the delays.

Truckers report that some shippers are diverting boxes from distribution centers in central and southern New Jersey to Philadelphia, Baltimore or Virginia, but the diversions appear to be marginal.

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