Delays at Global Terminal-Bayonne NJ

Global-Bayonne Terminal is experiencing long delays for trucks, as the Journal of Commerce reports.  The GBT is the only  major New York-New Jersey container terminal accessible to ships that are too tall to squeeze under the Bayonne Bridge.

Truckers have been complaining of turn times in excess of 8 hours or more and low levels of service. Delays have been worsened by a multi-year project to rebuild the New Jersey Turnpike exit to the terminal. Trucks on the busy turnpike share traffic lanes with commuters headed to and from New York City via the Holland Tunnel.

The Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers addressed these issues directly with the terminal and urged the terminal “to take immediate steps to rectify the unacceptable service levels being experienced, including but not limited to an immediate extension of weekday and Saturday hours through the end of December.”

Unfortunately, instead of seeing an  improvement in queues and turn times, the situation has gotten progressively worse, seriously affecting the truckers’ ability to do business at Port Newark.  Global-Bayonne received an “F” rating for October 2015 activity, and their Terminal Evaluation grade for November 2015 activity is also an “F”.

Without better terminal  productivity  drivers will find it impossible to pay for newer trucks that the port’s current clean-air program requires them to replace by January 1st, 2017.

 Next year, GCT Bayonne plans to launch an appointment system designed to meter the flow of trucks into the terminal and to various points within the terminal. An appointment or truck-management system was among the top recommendations of a port performance task force in 2013.
Terminal officials say that  regulating the flow of trucks will shorten turn times and maximize productivity by keeping all cranes busy. Many truckers are skeptical, and insist that turn times must be shortened before an appointment system will work.
 RCL Agencies will keep you updated on any further developments.