Customs officers’ strike in Brazil disrupts major ports

RCL’s  local agent in Brazil has confirmed that strikes by Brazilian customs officers are disrupting ports and slowing clearance of imports.  Major Brazilian ports have been affected , including Santos, Salvador, Manaus, Paranagua and Santarem.

Customs officers are demanding better salaries and better working conditions. Civil servants (which includes Customs officers), sent a letter to Brazilian president  Dilma Rousseff on June 18 requesting a hearing and advising of strike action as part of their wage negotiations with the government. Customs officers had originally advised  they would stop work for two days a week, and only work at a minimal level on the remaining days until an agreement is reached.  This week will be critical; depending upon the reply of President Rousseff,  Customs  officers have threatened an undefined strike which could paralyze  ocean ports, bonded warehouses and airports.

RCL will continue to monitor the situation with our local Brazilian agent and will provide further information as it becomes available.