Customer Service is Everything

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I worked as a gas station attendant for HESS in the 70’s while working my way through college in The Bronx. The owner of the station must have been a franchise as the standard of excellence was incredible. I will share with you some of the things we used to do and made LOTS OF TIPS !!!!!


  • we wore white jump suits with green letters HESS
  • greeted every patron asking “fill er up 101? this was premium fuel and we used the power of suggestion as the profit margins on premium were greater.
  • cleaned every front & REAR window- WITHOUT being asked
  • popped the hood and checked oil/ transmission fluid/ radiator- WITHOUT being asked
  • the owner used to hide in his car across the street hunched over watching us to make certain we did what was expected.
  • we made a commission (10 cents a can- 1970 dollars) for all oil/ transmission fluid sold as an incentive to always check fluids.
  • we would REGULARLY get tips from patrons as they appreciated the SERVICE

Bottom Line….these were the good old days when the customer was king and we were only to happy to offer the very best service . We, as workers, took pride in the offering and appreciate the added compensation.

I have been in my own service business for the past 29 years and have carried over many of these learned life skills when dealing with our clients & share this mentality with our six children.

So…What does pumping gas have to do with shipping containers?.


Listen to your clients & give them what they want or what they thing they want!