Congestion at Manila ports

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) reports  at least 75,000 shipping containers have yet to be claimed at the Manila International Container Port and the Port of Manila.

These containers have been cleared for release by the BOC but they have not been picked up by the trucking companies hired by importers.

One of the reasons for the congestion at the two ports is a large amount of  empty shipping containers. The Philippine Ports Authority announced that international carriers have started sending sweepers to take their empty containers from the two ports. Sweepers are vessels sent by international carriers for a specific purpose – in this case it is to remove empty containers at the ports of Manila to a specific destination at the expense of the shipping lines.

The Malacang Palace assured the public on Thursday, August 7, that the congestion at major ports in Metro Manila would ease by Saturday, August 16

RCL Agencies Inc. will continue to monitor the situation. Please be guided accordingly.