Chilean Customs Strike Continues

The Chilean Customs strike that began May 20th continues to slow port operations in the ports of Valparaiso and San Antonio.
Customs officials want the government to approximately double their workforce and  said they  will continue to strike indefinitely until an agreement is reached. The union rejected a government proposal for a smaller increase in the workforce  over the weekend.
Goods crossing by land to or from Argentina and Peru had been the worse affected by the strike. At both the Port of Valparaiso and the Port of San Antonio, ethical shifts are being conducted in order to service import and export operations. However, as Customs officials are without their administrative staff, receiving documentation is a slow process.
Especially, exporters of perishable goods such as fruit and salmon said they were deeply concerned as items were beginning to pile up near customs posts, with trucks kept waiting for over 30 hours.
 RCL Agencies  will continue to keep you updated on the impact of the strike and report further updates once available.