Floods disrupt Black Sea Port

Operations at the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossiysk were interrupted by flooding during a storm, OAO Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port reported. Electrical power equipment was flooded and the port’s administration decided to shut port areas on July 7th. Oil and wheat loading were suspended.

By July 8th, oil loading at the port of Novorossiysk had resumed, according to OAO Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port.  Railroad traffic to the Black Sea coast, disrupted because of the flooding, also resumed, Russian Railways said in a statement on its website.

More than 150 people died in the floods in the Krasnodar region in Russia.  More than 12,000 people and about 5,200 homes were affected in the area on and near the Black Sea coast, the Emergency Ministry said in a statement on its website. Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened a criminal investigation into the Krasnodar flooding.


Russian Railway Introduced First Hybrid Locomotive

Russian  Railways  introduced , Russia’s  first hybrid  locomotive  called TEM9N , which  was  developed by an engineering  company, Innovation Development Centre CTM,  which is a part of Sinara-Transport Machines.  According to the Center of Innovative Development  that  the  SinaraHybrid will   devour 30% less diesel fuel and releasing 55%   less discharge  into the atmosphere  than present models.

The locomotive will include four axles and electric transmission with a variable alternating current individual drive to each wheel pair and total capacity of 1,200 horsepower. The Hybrid will be equipped with Lithium batteries accumulators and super condensers offering environment and energy-efficiency.

The Sinara locao was tested in Sverdlovsk Region . Ural Business states, that the model is unique, and is particular strong. The production of the TEM9N is scheduled to start in the beginning of 2013.

Improvement of Russian Railway Infrastructure

As Interfax reports, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is planning to invest in the development of the transportation infrastructure. The planned modernization of railroads, roads and airports, and ports in the next decade will have significant changes on the logistics and supply chain system in Asia and Europe. Also new routes will be established in the preparation of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and Football 2018 World Cup.

According to Russia Infrastructure Report Q2 2012, the Infrastructure associated with the export of commodities, ports and transport infrastructure to support oil and gas output east and west of the Urals has the highest growth potential.

As we know it always has been one of the main goals of Russian Railway to achieve full addition into the Eurasian transport infrastructure in order to expand the East-West and North – South transportation. This will greatly benefit the door- to –door delivery and greatly reduce costs and shipping times

Latvian railways investing in the infrastructure

The RZD-Partner reports, that Latvian Railways (Latvijas Dzelzceļs, LDz) are planning to complete four large infrastructural projects in 2012 with the total investment budget of 267.97 million USD.
LDZ will refurbish the Shkirotava marshalling yard, modernize the Bolderaya 1 – Zasulauks link, build the Bolderaya 2 station and extend the East – West route by building a second track in between Skriveri and Skrutpils .

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Riga Port: Wagon Shortage and Storage Charges

As our partner Maxx Intermodal Systems informs, currently there is a wagon shortage in Riga. The recent railway accident is not the only reason that causes destabilization of the platform situation in Riga. As we know, the volume shipped via Riga during the last decade was extremely high compounded by the fact that Kazakh and Uzbek railways are not returning Latvian platforms preferring to route them instead to other countries. As a result, the ability to move the backlog and dispatching of freight is slow.

Please be advised about possible delays as well storage charges that might be applied by the port if the material is not able to be provided a rail platform before free time expires in port.

As our partner informs, in order to avoid in future any problems with improper use of the platforms by other countries,   Latvia is discussing an option to privatize all their platforms. However, this might lead to the increase of the railway tariff.

The situation started improving and we will keep you informed.

Latvian Ports paralyzed due to a railway accident

According to our partner Maxx Intermodal Systems , the railway accident that happened on the 8th of January has paralyzed all inner and outer movement through Latvian ports.

LETA reports that around 360 tons of oil products and solvent were spilled on the Kraslava-Daugavpils railroad section during the freight train accident in Naujene County, Daugavpils Region (eastern Latvia).  A protective dam has been erected to contain the spill, limiting the area to around 4,000 square meters. The freight train ran off the tracks in Naujene County, and as a result, 16 tank cars overturned and three of them ruptured. The train was en route from Belarus to Ventspils. No one was injured.

Please be advised that over 150 block trains are waiting in line and cannot reach Riga.

We will inform further details.

Qingdao Station Railway Increase and Storage Application.

Please be advised about the new additional Qingdao station railway increase and storage application.

Our partners, Maxx Intermodal Systems report that starting from January 1st , 2012 an increase of USD 100 / Platform (2×20’ctrs or 1×40’ctr) will be applied for all transit and export cargo en route to Qingdao – Alashankou based on actual dispatch date. As a direct order of Chinese Railways, the tariff increase is applied it to all cargo that will be leaving Qingdao, as from January 1st (regardless of arrival date to Huangdao).

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Emergency Situation in Kazakhstan

As BBC reports, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev on Saturday declared a state of emergency in the Caspian town of Zhanaozen after clashes between police and laid-off oil workers killed at least 11 people.

The state of emergency will last until January 5 to “ensure public safety, rebuild law and order, and defend citizens’ rights and freedoms,” said a decree posted on the president’s official website.

As the authorities report, “hooligans” attacked local residents who gathered near a stage set up in the town’s main square for the 20th anniversary of independence from the Soviet Union.  A number of buildings including local government offices, a hotel and the office of the state oil company were set on fire, Kazakhstan’s General Prosecutor Askhat Daulbayev said.

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Delays in Alashankou and Dostyk Remain

As our partner TCR reports, the delays at the crossing of Alashankou and Dostyk continue due to the large volumes of containers coming in from Qingdao and Lianyungang.  There are currently 4,600 TEU in Qingdao and 10,546 TEU in Lianyungang. Reloading between Alashankou and Dostyk is still 200 wagons per day and barging from Huangdao to Qingdao is still very slow, because slow dispatching from Qingdao does not allow the station to free up space to accept barges with more containers from Huangdao.

Qingdao Railway Bureau is planning to resume with dispatches of 2 block trains every 3 days. In case this will go through and China Railways will not issue more restriction orders and we may see some movement from Qingdao in the coming days and weeks.

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Port in Finland: 2011 Holiday Schedule

Due to upcoming holidays in Finland, we would like to inform about the operation hours in Finish ports.

Independence day:

6th of December is the Independence day – offices in Finland are closed that day.

In Kotka and Hamina the two-shifts will end working on Monday, December 5th 2011 at 2.30 p.m. and they will not work on Independence Day December 6th. The five-shift in Kotka will work as normal.

The cargo control point in Kotka/Hamina is open on Monday, December 5th from 7.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and it is closed on December 6th.

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