Car Safety- Rules of the Road

These are my basic rules of the road to keep you safe and out of harms way. I hope you take the time to read- digest- implement all of this.
Never change a flat tire on the side of a highway as this could be fatal.
  • Put flashers on/ ride the shoulder slowly, only if safe & get to a safe place or gas station.
  • If you can not drive slow and safe, then call for roadside assistance-.
  • KEEP your seat belt while waiting in the car. This can save your life.
  • Never get out of your car and stand on the side of a highway for ANY reason.
Trucks weigh 82,500 lbs- your car weighs maybe 4,000 lbs.
  • Never ride along right side of a truck as you are in their blind side.
  • Trucks will “over ride” your car if you are along side of them & they decide to change lanes without seeing you.
  • Never ride any where near a truck as they sometime blow tires and become unstable.
Right of way- Never proceed unless you have 100% clear field of vision
  • Never give another driver the right of way if you have the right of way.
  • This can result in an unintended consequence- an accident.
  • Example- another driver gives you their flashers and tells you to go- DON’T!!!- WAIT and let them goif they have the right of way.
  • A business associate of mine recently hit a motorcyclist for this exact reason.
  • My friend was on Berdan Ave.- stopped at a green light as another car- SUV- from the other way was about to pass.
  • The other car-SUV- gave my friend the flashers for my friend to go.
  • My friend did not see that there was a motorcyclist in the SUV’s blind spot.
  • The cyclist proceeded to pass the SUV on the right at the exact moment my fried proceeded to turn in front of the SUV.
  • Result- the cyclist collided with my friend- two broken legs and lucky to be alive.
Passing a stopped vehicle on the right
  • Do this extremely slow as pedestrians have been killed walking in front of a stopped vehicle while you are passing on the right and hit pedestrians.
Blind Spot
  • If you can not see the driver in front of you in the other lane rear view mirror- then they can NOT see you.
  • Why is this important- if they can not see you then they may proceed to cross in front of you.
  • Gasoline is among the most volatile substances around.
  • Never carry gasoline INSIDE your vehicle
  • Carry gasoline only if you must ONLY in an approved vented container.
  • Never seiffen gasoline
  • Gasoline fumes are what is the most volatile.
Roadside assistance
  • put this number in your smartphone along with any other account # or details needed for when you make the call as this takes the stress away.
  • take a snapshot of your licence/ registration/ insurance card and keep it in your smartphone just in case you loose your license so you can at least show this to the authorities when & if needed.
  • keep this in a handy spot so you need not fumble when needed.
Seat Belts
  • Always wear seat belts in your car and in a taxi-bus-limo or other.
  • People die all the time having been thrown from a vehicle- the ones who live are the ones with a seat belt on.
  • As a driver- you are the captain of your ship and you are responsible for your occupants.
  • Make sure all passengers have their seat belts on.
  • Never exceed the allowed number of passengers a vehicle may safely hold.
Don’t Drink & Drive– don’t get into a car with a driver who has drank or who is impaired in any way.
Don’t Text-Talk & Drive– don’t get into a car with a driver who talks & drives.
  • Don’t do it !!!!!
  • Minimum of 1 car length for every 10 mph.
  • Better yet give yourself more distance as this can make the difference between a bad

Never stand in front of or behind a vehicle that has it’s engine running  – as feet have been known to slip off of brake pedals and disaster ensues !!!

  • When in doubt- slow down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Remember- your safety is in your hands
  • God gave you a brain- use it wisely !!!!!