Brazilian Independent Trucker Blockages are Over!

Emergency legislation ended nationwide blockades by Brazilian independent truckers,  the Journal of commerce reports .The government said it would fine truckers 1,500 reais ($396) each day they were caught causing a roadblock.

The most recent wave of truck blockages hurt shippers, particularly chicken exporters in the states of Rio Grande and Parana, but the damage wasn’t as severe as the blockades in February, Ricardo Santin, president of the Brazilian Association of Animal Proteins (ABPA) – which represents poultry and pork exporters- told Still, he said, some members saw shipments rolled, a delay particularly damaging to those exporting refrigerated cargo.

The independent truckers were organized by a Facebook initiative headed by the National Transport Command, and they were demanding lower diesel prices, minimum freight rates and subsidized credit. But the government of President Dilma Rousseff refused to accept any of the demands because of an additional item on their list — her removal from power via an impeachment process.

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