Brazil Truckers Call for 72-hour Strike

Please be advised that over one thousand truck driver employees of local transport companies in Santos and Region represented by SINDISAN Union decided to call a strike as from today, June 28th.

According to th official statement, MUBC, as the most influential truckers union in Brazil is known, encouraged all sectors involved in transporting cargoes in the country to participate in a “passive protest” starting 6 a.m. on Monday, July 1st.

The trucking union’s demands include a subsidy for diesel fuel, exemption on highway toll payments for drivers and the creation of a new federal government department of cargo transportation.

The MUBC last went on strike for a week in July of 2012, disrupting the flow of goods in the country’s heavily populated southeast and spurring fears of higher food prices.

The main ports of Paranagua and Santos did not report snags in the flow of bulk commodities to foreign markets and most exporting companies keep grains in private storage units to minimize the effect of interruptions to ground transport.

Some delays and negative impact on cargo handling / transport ay occur. Please be guided accordingly.