Brazil Union Calls Assembly to Vote on Port Strike

A union representing administrative workers at Brazil’s Santos port has called an assembly for Friday May 24 to vote on a strike at South America’s  busy Santos port, according to the union’s website.

Officials at Sindaport, which also represents port guards and some other types of workers, as well as the Santos port authority have not responded to requests for their comments.

As a Sindaport spokeswoman said earlier this week, a strike by Sindaport could stop loading and unloading operations.  The most recent strike at the port managed to halt operations at about 30% of docked ships, a port authority spokesman said last week.

The announcement on Sindaport’s website calls on workers from nine different unions to vote on Friday, including Sintraport, which represents dock workers. However Sintraport Secretary General Wagner Honorato said his organization doesn’t plan to hold a vote on a strike, and will instead just meet to explain to union workers the details of a recent port decree.

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