Major Brazilian Port Prepares for General Strike

The Journal of Commerce reports that Santos, one of the major Brazilian ports, is expecting to be impacted by a general strike on April 28th.

A comment from the Brazilian National Federation of Shipping Agencies indicated all Brazilian ports may experience some form of disruption.  Dockworkers may blockade entrances to marine terminals, and truckers may participate. The Santos port authority feared violence on the picket line at its gates, said a spokesperson for Fenamar, the Brazilian National Federation of Shipping Agencies.  However, not all ports will be impacted to the same degree.

Embraport container terminal in Santos said it expects business as usual, but said no ships are scheduled for the day. While Santos and Rio de Janeiro will cease operations for a full 24 hours, less disruption is expected elsewhere. Pecem and Fortaleza Ports will only stop for six hours from 7:00 am.

The general strike, which would be Brazil’s first in 31 years, was organized by the Central Unica dos Trabalhadores (CUT) to protest against the reforms of Temer. The reforms include pension cuts, the reduction of union rights, new labor laws, and port privatization.

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