The threat of floods in Bangkok still remains

According to the Paris-based consultancy, Alphaliner, the threat of floods remain in Bangkok as the Chao Phraya river overflows and rises to its highest level in seven years.

Due to the ongoing threat of flooding in Thailand, shipments to and from the kingdom have been affected. Western Digital, Honda Motor and many other companies have been forced to suspend production in central Thailand because of the floods. Most of the factory closures are due to disruptions to local supply chain.

As of 25. October 2011, reports from shipping agents in Bangkok state that Bangkok Port has already stopped receiving discharged containers due to yard congestion. Container liners are therefore considering shifting incoming vessels to other private ports in Bangkok or Laem Chabang. In addition, due to flooding of numerous Container Terminals and ICD’s, their ability to accept additional laden containers is also in doubt. Some carries have already started to issue warnings to their customers and advising to some of them not to return laden export containers to Bangkok. Besides some of the operations could be temporarily suspended and cargo may miss its intended sailings.

Experts have stated that at that moment the impact on most companies is not huge, but it might get worse if the factories stay closed.

The flooding is expected to subside by next month.

The Right 3PL Can Save You Time and $$$

One of the key elements that separate successful, profitable companies from those that are at or below average is how they manage their inventory.

As any business with multiple stock keeping units and multiple orders per day knows logistics is more complex than just putting up some shelving and making a few trips to the post office. From the local tee-shirt company to the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company and companies of all sizes in between, managing inventory is a major business challenge.

Inventory is the largest single asset that most companies have. Unfortunately, it consumes space, gets damaged, and sometimes becomes obsolete. Inventory itself does not create value for customers. Yet for most companies, inventory is a necessary component of the business cycle and must be carefully managed.

The most efficient companies always look for ways to streamline operations and keep costs under control. Many companies have outsourced as much infrastructure as possible in an attempt to focus on core competencies. Outsourced logistics, or third party logistics (3PL), as it is often called, has grown as an industry because of its ability to offer ever more finely tuned supply chain solutions.

RCL Agencies, Inc. is specializing in not only shipping and transportation but also offer a wide range of supply chain solutions. The company’s everyday work for customers in the field of logistics management includes customized management reports, door-to-door freight tracking system, interrelations with global agents, project management from A to Z, flexible and reliable database system, pre-advise on each order or consignment, and much more!

By choosing the right 3PL company you can save time and reduce the overall logistics cost. 

“We here at RCL are willing and able to assist you with the on time deliveries you require.”


Russia signs trade agreements with 7 ex-Soviet Nations

In order to improve economic connections with Community of Independent States (CIS) nations, on Tuesday Russia signed  a free- trade agreement with the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Tajikistan. The new agreement would cancel import-export obligations on particular goods which weren’t announced yet. More than likely other states from the  former Soviet Union such as Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan will join this bound. Agreement will come in effect only after the parliament improvement in 2012.

Custom Officer’s Strike in Greece

As advised by  Hapag-Lloyd regarding the current strike situation in Greece:

The Federation of Customs Officials has published an announcement declaring that they will start their mobilization on the 14th October 2011.  It is expected that Customs Offices will not be operative from 14/10/2011 – 0700 hours to 24/10/2011 –  0700 hours.

Vendor Spotlight: APA Logistics





The entire team at RCL is proud to spotlight APA Logistics as our featured vendor.

RCL has been a satisfied client of APA Logistics for 27 years.  The team at APA has always done an amazing job for us and regularly provides personalized service, on time performance and very competitive rates.  We appreciate the way they treat us and it is clear that APA Logistics places a high priority on providing excellent customer service. Thank you for being more than just a vendor to us.

APA Logistics LLC.

150 Pulaski Street

Bayonne, New Jersey 07002

(201) 484-1400

Specific Services include:

  • Car Loading
  • Intermodal Trucking
  • Warehousing
  • Container Freight Station


Russian/CIS rail delays via Qingdao, China

New railway operations whereby containers for one destination in Russia/ CIS must be accumulated until there is a full train approximately 48 platforms. This is a new method. Previously many containers would depart same train for various destinations. Result will be longer transit times for cargo To Russia/ CIS for those containers destined smaller cities.