Another Strike Threat at Port Metro Vancouver

As the Vancouver Sun reports,  B.C. truckers are threatening another imminent strike at Port Metro Vancouver.

The truckers are demanding to receive wage hikes that were included in an agreement reached earlier this year.  The agreement ended a 28-day labour dispute in March which  left hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cargo stranded.

“Unifor’s union directors says if something serious isn’t done soon, a dispute could erupt overnight, noting truckers are still in a legal strike position and do not have to give 72 hours strike notice.”

The federal and provincial transport ministers issued a statement Friday saying they remain “very concerned” increased rates promised in a joint action plan March 26 that ended the strike are not being paid consistently to drivers.

To help solve this problem, port marine terminals are extending their hours and a container truck GPS installation project aimed at reducing congestion and waiting times at the port is near completion, the government news release said.

RCL Agency Inc. will continue to monitor the situation and report further updates once available .