Canadian Spring Thaw Regulations 2016

Please be advised  that Spring Thaw currently is in effect from March 1st till May 30th 2016. Spring weight restrictions on all provincial roads are in place and  will effect all pre carriages and truck deliveries  in the Province of Québec.

Heavy commercial vehicles will not be allowed to travel on specified roads throughout the province. The weight restrictions on heavy trucks are necessary during the spring thaw to help protect roads that are weakened by mild and wet weather.

Please note that weight restrictions can be different per carrier:


20ft DV max 47900 Lbs (21.7 ton)

40ft DV/HC max 50000 Lbs (22.6 ton)


20ft DV max 46010 Lbs (20.87 Ton)

40ft DV/HC max 44500 Lbs (20.19 Ton)


20ft DV max 50706 Lbs (23 ton)

40ft DV/HC max 48501 Lbs (22ton)

Please contact RCL Agencies  representative at 973-779-5900  if you have any  questions regarding your shipment.