Mississippi Floodwaters Could Affect Vessel Schedules

Yesterday, the Mississippi River reached 14 feet with minor flooding forecast. The National Weather Service (NWS) said the river is expected to reach it’s flood stage of 17 feet by Saturday.  Officials said the impact of the river reaching flood stage will make navigation and docking of vessels difficult. The city of New Orleans is protected to at least 20 feet, the NWS said.

There has been no impact to normal operations at the Port of New Orleans despite high water conditions of the Mississippi River.  All public port facilities in the jurisdiction of the Port of New Orleans remain open. The Port continues to handle cargo ships and cruise ships under its normal schedule , states the Port of New Orleans.

However, due to the rising flood waters  some vessels may elect to omit the port of New Orleans. The river will rise to a depth / height that will limit the air draft under the bridge in the approach to the terminal. Individual vessel specs, cargo weight, water draft are all taken into consideration when it comes to air draft.

Communities along the Mississippi River in Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana are experiencing record high-water levels, which may also affect road and rail operations.

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