11/02/2011: Port of Oakland Protest

The Port of Oakland was shut by protestors in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement on Wednesday. Several thousand protesters gathered together outside the nation’s fifth-biggest harbor. Occupation of the Port lasted for five hours by blocking exits and streets with illegally parked vehicles which caused all evening operations to be shut down.  The protesters were expressing dissatisfaction over closure of homeless aid program by blocking the street and were tossing dumpsters, trash bins and sparking bonfires at least as high as 15 feet in the air. Dozens of protesters were eventually arrested.

The port’s main exports are mainly to Asia and range from wine, fruits and nuts and handles imports such as manufacturing equipment, cars and parts from Toyota, Nissan and Hyundai. Financial losses from the closure are not available yet but will certainly harm all companies involved. The impact of the protest will be a significant loss in revenue for all logistic businesses in both private and commercial sectors.